steel constructions

In this product group we offer bolts, nuts and washers for both non-preloaded and pre-loaded connections, hot-dip galvanized, used for the assembly of steel constructions. We offer a wide selection of SB sets EN 15048 including bolts according to DIN 7990 class 5.6, ISO 4014 in grades 5.8 and 8.8.

We also supply step bolts and anti-climbing devices, as well as other fasteners made according to drawings and particular orders. These goods comply with the requirements of ISO standards. They are also "Ü" and CE certified.



Beside the standard fasteners used in the assembly of steel constructions, and as a part of full-service deliveries, we also offer special bolt connections protecting the elements of constructions from theft (anti-theft connections). Bimex-Böllhoff offers two types of these: bolt joint BIMEX-HV and a protection of a bolt joint with a pin.

The BIMEX-HV bolt joint is protected by Patent no. 210532. The advantages of such a solution are among others:

  • ease of assembly on site (it does not require special tools or materials)
  • the possibility of use in existing constructions without the need to modernize them
  • the joint can not be disassembled with any common tools, especially on site

The BIMEX-HV solution consists of a typical bolt joint, where the nut is protected by a sleeve and secured by an additional nut protecting from disassembly.

Our second proposal for the protection of screw connections against theft is the screw connection with the pin - BIMEX "SZPILKA". This solution is covered by a patent and protection for a trademark. Similarly to the "BIMEX-HV" solution, it is easy to assemble and does not require changes to existing constructions.

Patent nr: P.230555

Trademark no: Z.483621

Trademark Z.453313