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    Automotive industry

    We’ve been supplying fasteners for the automotive industry for over 10 years. Our offer includes over 400 different items on stock, mostly welding bolts and nuts, but also many elements produced according to the drawings and specific requirements of our customers. Orders are picked from our warehouse in Krzemienica and sent not only to Poland and Europe but also to other continents.

    What do we offer?

    We focus on several main product groups:

    – fasteners for car bodies

    – fasteners for car seats

    – fasteners for exhaust systems

    – fasteners for suspension systems

    – fasteners for engines

    – fasteners for fixing plastic elements

    We offer mostly welding nuts and bolts according to the VW norms, but also the norms of Fiat, Daimler and PSA. Our portfolio also includes welding tubes, elements manufactured on transfer presses (Blechmutter) and other parts according to drawings.

    Who are our customers?

    We successfully cooperate with large Tier 3 and Tier 2 companies from the automotive industry. We are proud of many years of collaboration with Kirchhoff Automotive, S.N.O.P. (previously Tower International), Gedia Group and Magna Automotive. In 2015 we were named “Supplier of the Year 2015” by Kirchhoff Automotive and “Supplier of the Year” in 2013 and 2014 by Kirchhoff Hungary.

    Most of the products offered by our company finally reach the Volkswagen Group (VAG), however our fasteners can be also found in such vehicle brands as Opel, Fiat, Ford, Suzuki, BMW, Renault, Scania, Volvo or Toyota.

    Quality – zero defect philosophy

    We implement a zero defect philosophy in our operations. All the goods supplied by our company are subject to 100% quality control. We have been using specialized laser optic sorting machines for many years. These devices can detect and separate elements that even minimally differ from the assumed quality requirements. We have and use 5 modern laser-optical sorting machines by the Italian manufacturer Dimac, world leader in sorting fasteners. These machines, used to sort both bolts and nuts, can analyze all the possible geometric parameters in real time, but also check the thread quality, the presence of welding humps and detect microfractures with the use of EddyCurrent.

    We carry out quality control in our laboratory, equipped with a Zwick durometer, Kayence measuring machine, hardness tester Wizhard and a device for measuring the layer thickness X-ray Fischerscope. Moreover, we cooperate with the accredited laboratories from nearby colleges as well as other institutions located in Aviation Valley.




    Paper plug installation

    One of the added services is the installation of paper plugs. It is done by our employees with the use of specialized handpresses and is controlled as far as the required value of the push force is concerned. Thanks to the many years of experience, a perfected process and trained employees, we successfully install thousands of paper plugs in welding nuts. We fulfill the requirements of the VW 60211 norm.

    Grounding bolts (Massebolzen) assembly

    Our assembly department also performs the assembly of grounding bolts/Massebolzen (bolts with a nut). Both elements are initially assembled and then tightened with the proper torque with a torque wrench. It guarantees the high repeatability and stability of the process.